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Signs A Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Flat Roof Installation With Propane Blowtorch During Constructio

Any roof is suspectable to a bit of damage over the course of its life. It’s inevitable that there will need to be repairs at some point. After all, they are the first point of contact for any adverse weather conditions. If you have a flat roof, there are some common indications that you should look out for. Leaving an issue can only worsen the damage, and result in larger, more costly repairs. Here are signs that you need to get the structure seen to by professional flat roofers.


Leaks in a property are not good news. Water damage can cause all sorts of structural issues, not to mention the mould and health problems it could bring too. If you see discolouration on the ceiling, then that could be the remnants of a leaking issue. This means that somewhere there is a weakness in the entire structure, and that needs to be fixed as soon as possible by professional flat roofers.


Visible Flat Roof Damage

The need for flat roof repairs could go unnoticed. The shape of the structure can make it quite difficult to see what’s going on from the ground, so it’s important to check on it regularly or call in the professionals for maintenance. If you notice any splitting, cracks, holes or tears, then it’s imperative to contact flat roofers. These issues can compromise all the beneficial properties of the roof, and cause further issues for your home.

flat roof pooling water

Pooling Water

Water collecting and pooling on top of a flat roof isn’t usually a good sign. In some cases, a full replacement is needed. If the water in question isn’t gone within 48 hours, then this can cause some serious structural issues. It can promote water ingress due to the constant exposure and it could eventually penetrate the membrane. If the structure isn’t very old and it has issues like this, then it might have been a victim of some damage that can be simply repaired by your trusted flat roofers.

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